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Domestic Bliss with Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone - interior designer, celebrated author, culinary and visual storyteller, and creative director - just released a new book titled "Live Beautiful" documenting designers personal homes. In addition to the beautiful photography of the immaculate homes, Calderone includes her takeaways and highlights - including actionable tips for the reader.

We love her eclectic yet clean style combining modern, vintage and natural elements. We especially love her seasonally cut branches strategically placed in beautiful vintage vessels. She is inspiring us to re-imagine our own environments!
"Being the curious creature that I am, I always want to dissect and understand the smaller, seemingly insignificant choices that accumulate along the creative journey — the alchemy of how beautiful design comes together." - Athena
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Stay Healthy This Winter

Hello all! 

This past week in Houston, the weather has proved to us that it has a mind of it's own. One day the sun shinning bright over the city, and the next day it's the perfect weather to stay in and watch movies; dark, muggy, and cold. These sporadic shifts heightened my worries about catching an illness in the midst of my body having to adjust on a daily basis. With that being said, this week I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a home remedy that will keep you up and running this season!

Ginger, Honey, and Cinnamon

These three ingredients added into your favorite teas will fight away any germs that are floating around in your body! Ginger instantly warms up your body by stimulating blood circulation which keeps all of your organs healthily running, while honey and cinnamon are some of the the worlds most potent antioxidants that fight against the bacteria that could cause the common cold and they soothe a sore throat. Of course, you could add one or more of these ingredients in your warm beverage to your own liking, but I enjoy keeping a mixture handy for those days that I might feel ill. Just take a mason jar and fill it up about halfway with honey (it's always best to get locally made, organic honey. It's the most powerful, and tastes better!), add a tablespoon or two of fresh mashed ginger, and put in a stick of cinnamon. Mix everything together and let it sit overnight. Now, you can add a teaspoon of this mixture to any tea and stay healthy this winter! Enjoy!

Do you have your own remedy that you use to stay germ free during the cold months? If so, please share it with us in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

- Ark + Nomad - 



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Traveling to Europe - Finding Nomads

Hello all!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! We want to take some time this week to give you an update on us. For the past few days, our founder, Martha Mtegha, has been traveling around Europe to find new Nomads (independent artists) to add to Ark + Nomad. One of the first places she went scouting was in Lisbon, Portugal at the 2016 Stylista Winter Market. 

These trips are necessary because we care! We, at Ark and Nomad, take the responsibility to provide quality products that are made well, ethically, and have a unique flare that you may have never seen before. In order to guarantee such service, we travel to hand curate our Ark and Nomad collection. This way, we even get to meet the independent artists themselves and get the full story on the products from the makers, to share with you! Pictured below is Martha (center) with the creative minds behind Mel Jewel, which we've just picked up for Ark + Nomad.

We are excited to share more of our finds with you very soon! Stay tuned ✨

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