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Traveling to Europe - Finding Nomads

Hello all!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! We want to take some time this week to give you an update on us. For the past few days, our founder, Martha Mtegha, has been traveling around Europe to find new Nomads (independent artists) to add to Ark + Nomad. One of the first places she went scouting was in Lisbon, Portugal at the 2016 Stylista Winter Market. 

These trips are necessary because we care! We, at Ark and Nomad, take the responsibility to provide quality products that are made well, ethically, and have a unique flare that you may have never seen before. In order to guarantee such service, we travel to hand curate our Ark and Nomad collection. This way, we even get to meet the independent artists themselves and get the full story on the products from the makers, to share with you! Pictured below is Martha (center) with the creative minds behind Mel Jewel, which we've just picked up for Ark + Nomad.

We are excited to share more of our finds with you very soon! Stay tuned ✨

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