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3 Holiday Gift Ideas!


It's officially holiday season! Every holiday, picking out gifts for your loved ones seems to be a daunting task. You want to get something fun and thoughtful, but you also don't want to repeat the gifts that you have given in the past. We have all been through that vicious cycle and we hope this post will help you break it this year! Here are three gift ideas that will hopefully put a warm smile on everyone's faces:

Tea Kit

If someone close to you enjoys their daily tea, you can make that time for them a tad bit more extra special by making a tea kit! It's simple! You'll want to get a nice large mug, fancy spoon, their favorite tea (of course!), tea strainer, and possibly a small jar of honey or sugar cubes. Then, at your local craft store, pick up a gift box and tissue paper and voila! (Product Ideas: Mineral Teal Small Mug and Saucer, Fog Linen Large Brass Spoon, Camellia Moroccan Love Tea)

Jar of Goodies

Who doesn't want a jar full of their favorite treats? We all know this one, right? Get a beautiful jar that they can reuse in their home or office space and fill it with their favorite candies! Or, to switch it up a little bit, you could make your favorite granola and fill up the jar with that! The possibilities are endless, as long as you have a jar, you're good! (Product Ideas: Fern Jar Set, Coconut Oil and Honey Almond Granola Recipe

Pamper Ready

Everyone loves to end their day with a self care pamper session. Whether it's their skincare routine, or just moisturizing after a shower, we all do something to get us in the mood for our well deserved sleep. You can help someone out by doing the hard work for them! Similar to the Tea Kit, all you need to do is buy two or more of these products: face mask, lotion, towel, book, pillowcase, bedside lantern, body soap, eye cream, facial serum, etc. Then, wrap it up in a gift box, tie a big ribbon around it, and there you have it - pamper session in a box! (Product Ideas: White Tea and Yuzu Soap, Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, Insect Glass Lantern, Tamanu + Wild Citrus Cleansing Oil)

I hope this helps you take some gift shopping stress off of your shoulders. If you have some holiday gifting tricks up your sleeve, please let us know in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

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